5 Reasons to use Big V Telecom Franchise Reviews and Complaint to Manage the Franchise Network

The Big V Telecom brings the super-efficient and multi-tasking tool known as Big V Telecom Complaints system. It is a telecom service which takes care of all calls from the customer side.

Complaints of Big V Telecom system serves 24×7. The automated voice records always welcomes the customers, records their messages, and achieves them for the business purpose.

Businesses can program the system of Big V Telecom franchise reviews to make or response the call, send a text message to customers thanking them for their time.

The Big V Telecom product- YOCC- Your Own Calls’ Center is helping businesses across the different industries verticals to set up the call center for the franchise reviews and complaints.

Here are the 5 reasons which helps to manage the franchise network:

Multiple call handling

The franchise network is agitated with issues and when the call goes on queue that adds to their grievance. Big V Telecom Franchise helps business in giving the smooth complaint & review system with the YOCC which adds zero call waiting and can function without any human assistance.

It toggles multiple calls without any Call Waiting and this is most exciting feature of the Big V Telecom Franchise Reviews services.

Voice logs

The crucial aspect of franchise management is quality of service business gives. But, there is certain degree of control measure which traditional system allows the business to utilize.

The YOCC gives the full control to access all voice logs of conversation between the franchise partner and agent so that business can identify the conversation level and can check back on the service quality and response level.

Have Mobility through Mobile App

The YOCC – Your Own Calls’ Center by Big V Telecom which comes with its own mobile app for call monitoring.

This allows business to check the detail calls logs, voice logs and message details from anywhere around the world. The authority can check out the details anytime through the app access and authority can solve the issue from anywhere.

Smart Call transferred

This plays the critical role in the franchise business. As the system allows the smart call transfer feature which directly transfers the call on the representative mobile numbers if they are not available at their desks.

The YOCC system allows the business to fully customize the call routing pattern and business can customize the random pattern too.

Supports multiple language

The system lets the customer speak in any language as it supports multiple language so no linguistic barrier with the Big V Telecom- YOCC system.

The Big V Telecom franchise complaint and reviews system is a great addition to the business infrastructure. It makes the business communication pattern easy and more effective. With the Big V Telecom services you can easily check the details of customer feedbacks and grievances in a proper way.

The Big V Telecom Franchise Reviews helps to bridge the gap between the customer and client. To know more details, visit: www.bigv.in.

Enhance your Customer Experience with Cloud Solution by Big V Telecom

The best way to endure in today’s competitive scenario is to provide the great customer service, as customers are the backbone of the every business. The business has to understand the need of customer and resolves their concerns helps business in making their reputation. At this point, timely interaction with the clients becomes necessary.

But, how the business will confirm that no client or customer gets busy tone and get dissatisfied from the conversation with the agent? The best answer for resolving this issue is Big V Telecom Franchise Reviews– Cloud Telephony.

The reviews of Big V Telecom helps the business to manage effectively and it helps the business to attend the customer according to their convenience and also ensures the maximum customer satisfaction.

The Big V Telecom is one of the leading Cloud Telephony Service providers in India and also provides the access through the mobile apps for its single virtual call center solution called YOCC (Your Own Calls’ Center).

The Virtual Call Center Solution

The virtual center enables you to create the unified and best way of communication on the single virtual number for the offices at the different location around the globe. This helps to streamline the business and also enables you to create the brand identity across all locations. With the cloud network businesses have freedom to choose the features as per the needs and thus, it ensures affordability.

No Geographical Limitation

The virtual network helps the business to connect with is various departments on the single number without any wires. This single virtual number becomes the single point of contact for the numerous location and departments.

Monitors Customer Interaction

Customer is the king, holds the high relevance today and now a days businesses consider the customer service as the prime factor for determining the growth.

With the innovative and affordable cloud telephony solution, the call recording facility is no longer meant for large scale companies. Now, it can easily accessible by small and mid-scale business also. The virtual center helps to check back the calls and also retrieve and analyze the other calls to make sure business don’t miss out any opportunity.

Business Efficiency at Affordable Cost

The hosted call center provides you with the uninterrupted connectivity, even in the crisis situation like the bad weather conditions or even if the business is relocating. This helps business up & running, so business will never miss out any single opportunity due to lack of connectivity.

This is available at the affordable cost, as there is no requirement of infrastructure set-up or technical knowledge. The Cloud based network not only helps in cutting down the operational expenditure but also initiates a flexible working environment.

24 hours running system

The customers are welcomed round-the clock with the Big V Telecom review system. The upgraded cloud telephony solution confirms that all the calls will be routed to the right agent or gets recorded for the follow-ups.

To know more about cloud telephony, visit: www.bigv.in.

5 Signs You Should Invest in Big V Telecom Reviews

Every business requires the channels to make the possible communication with the consumers. Website and phonic system is effective method for exchanging the ideas and suggestions. The Big V Telecom Reviews, YOCC is a unified system which takes care of all the basic requirements of communication through the virtual number.

The Big V Telecom Franchise Reviews system is the multi-purpose solution that serves most of the manual functions. The Big V Telecom reviews system takes the calls, receives messages and alternative makes the voice calls as required.

Take a look at the advantages of using Reviews of Big V Telecom System:

  • Too many numbers for Customers – With the Big V Telecom Reviews system, gone are those when you have to use too many numbers for handling the customer feedback or complaints. This system supports the single virtual number for handling all the reviews and complaints. So, no stress now for handling multiple phones. It excels in unifying various locations, departments with one virtual number. Customers also get relived as they don’t have to juggle up between the departments with the different numbers until they reach the right one.
  • Customers Calls’ loads – You receive many calls from your customers but not able to manage them properly. Big V Telecom Franchise Reviews system fulfill this need also. This system is capable toggling the calls simultaneously. It can receives the multiple calls at a time without keeping the other caller on hold. Since this system can auto answer the calls too so no calls remain unanswered.
  • No Agent to Attend after Working Hours – The Reviews of Big V Telecom system is designed on a 24x7x365 basis. As it helps you to customize the call routing so that customer’s reviews can handled seamlessly. Be it morning, noon or night, you will not miss out any call from the customer call again. With this system, your customer can reach out to you at any time, even if their calls get clash with the other. The system also stores the data and if any calls get missed comes the system automatically send the notification to the authority.
  • Customer Face Issue in Explaining their Problem To new Agent Every time – Customer get annoyed and frustrate, to explain their issues over & Over again to the new agent again & again every time. This can be also easily taken care of with the Reviews of Big V Telecom system as it supports the sticky agent feature. This feature ensures that every time the customer calls on the hosted number, the call gets transferred to the same agent with whom the customer spoke last. This gives the opportunity to the agent to get familiarize with the customer and also builds the understanding. If by any chance the same representative is not available, the new representative will have the complete call logs and all the information on the records.
  • Not Able to Check the Data and Call Quality – The best advantage of Big V Telecom Review System is that it gathers all the data which can be latter be referred for the quality analysis. The voice calls and messages recorded by the system can be referred later to know the frequency at which the clients contacts, how effectively the client is addressed or how satisfied the client is. The data is invaluable for understanding the nature of the issue which customer have with the service or product.

Big V Telecom, is one of the best companies in India offering cloud telephony solutions, exclusive reviews and complaints system and helps every industry whether small or large. To know more about the Big V Telecom Franchise Reviews, visit: www.bigv.in.

Market Your Product with the Big V Telecom Franchise Reviews & Complaints

In this modern scenario, the product marketing is very necessary. It helps to enhance the business cycle of the company as well as the feedbacks and complaints from the customer’s plays an equal role in building the brand image of the companies.

To manage all effectively, there needs of system that will be able to attend the customers according to their accessibility, ensure extreme satisfaction from the customers. To ensure this need, Complaints of Big V Telecom system offers the revolutionary product for the businesses to set-up on the hosted platform for the customer opinions, reviews or complaints.

Many companies adopt different method to take customer feedback for their product and service to understand their expectations. Many times they follow the Email or SMS trend for the reviews and complaints or the voice based.

To overcome the constraints businesses today can opt to take services Outbound IVR from Big V Telecom product known as Big V Telecom Franchise Reviews, to make the customer satisfied.

Outbound IVR Service

The Outbound IVR service is voice based bulk customer outreach system which assist the customer through the voice inputs. This means that customers are asked the options by pressing the numerical keys. The Outbound IVR service are automated and cloud based. The Big V Telecom Complaints system manages the customers call simultaneously.

The Big V Telecom Franchise Reviews system allows to check the data which got generated and entered in the system. This helps the companies to check the analysis instantly. This gives the quick result.

The Big V Reviews system is very cost effective. Businesses, can conveniently take the Outbound IVR services from the Cloud –Telephony providers known as Big V Telecom.

Check out some of key pointers for making the Outbound IVR successful:

  • Use updated database

In order to make the call effective, it is important to use the updated customer database to make this successful. The entire database provides the general information related to the callers.

  • Keep your message short

IVR messages are automated and carry the pre-recording of the message, so avoid the long messages. Use short and simple statement.

  • Customize with multiple language option

With the cloud-based provider like Big V Telecom, provides the multiple-language support option for the IVR services. You can personalize the messages for the customers.

  • Provide the option to connect with representative

Giving the customers the options to connect with the business representative at the end of call make the Outbound IVR service more productive.

Big v Telecom is the simple yet most effective of handling the customer reviews and complaints. It helps in proper business formation. To know more about the services of Big V Telecom Franchise, visit: www.bigv.in, to know more about the services of Big V Telecom.

Brief Overview Of Big V Telecom Complaints Platform

Do you have a flair for business? Do you love keeping your customers happy? Do you believe that solving problems lies at the heart of making a venture grow?

If the answers are positive, then Complaints Handling System of Big V Telecom, powered by YOCC, flagship product of Big V Telecom, incubated by Tata Elxsi, might just be thing you’re looking for.

The offering, by Big V Telecom, can certainly be considered one of a kind. It focuses on cloud based telephony services, which help a business in streamlining its communication processes.

A few salient features that makes Big V Telecom’s YOCC a powerful complaint resolver:

  1. Just one number for all your customers: Gone are the days of keeping multiple numbers. With YOCC only one number will serve all your purposes, even complaints and reviews.
  2. Block unwanted callers: If you’re being bugged by unwanted calls, you can use the blacklist option.
  3. Enriched IVR option: Customers’ do not like waiting for agents to attend them. The IVR menu has some really unique and smart features which will not make calling the customer help desk a tedious job.
  4. One agent per issue: Customer always feels more at home if their issue is being attended by the same person. He should not undergo the hassle of explaining the same details over and over again. With Complaints system, it is now possible to ensure that customer issues are handled by the same agent till they are resolved.
  5. Better mobility to helpdesk agents/staff: Your employees need their peace of mind. They have their own personal lives to take care of. With the smart Call Routing Configuration, it is now possible for agents to be connected to the system while they’re on the move. A dual purpose is served.
  6. Data analytics: The last two decades where driven by the belief ‘Customer is God’. Today data has gained even more prominence. The system has a dashboard which will help you generate all sorts of analytics data. It can be used to draw conclusions and finding patterns of customer behaviour. These keen insights help in customer retention.
  7. Voice call monitoring: Being customer centric is at the heart of this product. It ensures no customer calls are missed. The calls are directly transferred to agents.

Big V Telecom Franchise Review – A business opportunity worth investment:

Offering a basket of innovative solutions, Big V Telecom promises a fulfilling business venture. Let’s have a look at the prominent features of obtaining a franchisee with Big V:

  1. Basket of fine products: Multiple products are in the offering within the cloud telephony field. You can choose as per your business needs.
  2. Innovation centric: All the products and services are built with innovation as Centre point. This leads to many new features being rolled out.
  3. Brand value: Big V Telecom is an established name in the telecom domain. We are proudly incubated by Tata Elxsi. We are a CRISIL rated company. We are also ISO certified. We have a healthy client list which is growing as the need for better servicing one’s customers keeps on growing.
  4. Hassle free franchise: No infrastructure is required. Our products do not require any in depth technical knowledge. The only thing that is a must is a drive and passion to excel in your business.
  5. Technical Training & Support: We offer hand held training and support for all of our products and services.
  6. Fast ROI: We speak by experience, the business model we offer, break-even point of investment can be reached very soon if aggressive marketing is done in the right way.

Most Shocking Revelation About Big V Telecom Complaint and Reviews

There are many reviews and talks going around about Big V telecom. When you are one of the pioneers, having myths and misconceptions about you is common. But have all the true facts been revealed about the pioneer in the telecom industry, Big V telecom? Here are some of the shocking revelations about Big V telecom ever made:

Pioneer of Innovative Technology

The first company to be incubated by TATA ELXSI, Big V telecom has a futuristic vision that is new in the telecom industry in India. With a vision of providing affordable customer care support system and call centres to SMEs, government bodies, NGOs, and corporates, Big V telecom review system uses latest technology to improve efficiency. With the diligent use of technology, Big V Telecom reviews and complaint system provides a more result oriented, customer focused, technology-based and affordable voice-based solutions. This initiative was appreciated and supported by none other than TATA ELXSI.

A Perfect Combination of Technology with Human Intelligence

When the world is moving towards a technologically advanced future, limit the voice-based solutions and customer care will be damaging for business both for the quality of service and cost. With technology factor on the play, the need to hire staffing for different shits is reduced. This helps businesses to bring down the cost. Automation of the customer care process, use of technology and removal of middle link proves to be beneficial for the small and medium enterprises. Adding technology makes the Big V Telecom franchisee review system and customer complaint solutions simple, dependable and efficient. It also allows customization of services. As the customers can register their complaints and reviews on the virtual system and company reaches them with the solutions. The process is not only faster but it also helps in bridging the gap between the customer and company. A healthy connection between a company and its customers helps in strengthening the foundations of the company. It builds the brand.

Easy and Adaptable Solutions

Many companies, especially the SMEs, have a concern that if they use new technology and do not go for traditional methods, they will face hindrance in adapting to the change. There are Big V Telecom reviews of franchisee award mention this concern. It can seem quite obvious to choose the methods that have been used for years by everyone. But the change is necessary to get better and achieve growth. Big V telecom has designed the solutions to be meet the needs to businesses yet simple at the same time. The whole infrastructure is strategically planned and customised to facilitate easy implementation and adaptability.

Shhhh! Costs are a Secret

Do you know that you can cut down your costs with Big V telecom? The customer care solutions by Big V telecom will take care of all the complaint and reviews by attending and recording them and then send the problems to the right executive of the company for a solution. Not only the solution is provided faster and the customer gets satisfied but the cost is reduced. With no requirement of staff and Big V telecom rates, savings possible.

Bizarre Truth About Complaints Of Big V Telecom That Sounds Too Good To Believe

If you have searched about Big V telecom, you might have come across reviews. As it is with reviews, some are good reviews, some are suggestions and some are Big V complaints. Big V welcomes all because they know that there might some misconception that can be washed off with the truth. Talking about truth, it brings the whole article to its core – truth behind Big V telecom complaints. While there are some genuine suggestions that are constructive and help in betterment others seem to be misconceptions. The misconception about new ideas is not new. Thus, given below are some true facts about Big V telecom that might sound too good to be real but they are. Let’s go directly into the truths without much discussion and clear out some wide-spread baseless misconceptions.

Truth #1: Efficient Than Tele-Calling and Online Desk Solutions

Now, this statement in itself sounds bizarre to many. It is quite natural. Traditional tele- calling and online desk solutions are being used from a long time and businesses using it have got used to it.  Thinking of a better solution might seem bizarre to these businesses. But then all new ideas do face some resistance. Big V telecom has introduced an innovative technique by incorporating technology to automate the voice- based solution to build a strong customer care system through virtual infrastructure. There are no staffs involved. Thus, customers do not have to call and explain their issues over and over again. They get 24/7 service without any harassment. Customer registers their complaints on the virtual system and the company representative reaches them.

Truth #2: Faster Problem-Solving and Greater Customer Satisfaction

Businesses do not have to use their resources on hiring and maintaining staff to take calls from customers. Sometimes the businesses have to hire for different shifts. But this does not help in faster problem-solving. Instead, too many people cause delay and the patience of customer is tested. It is a harassing experience for customers trying to reach out to the company. What truth complaints of Big V Telecom will not tell you is that they reduce the time of response by taking the complaints directly to the company and the company reaching out the customers rather than customer struggling to get solutions. This results in better problem-solving at a faster pace. Thus, building the trust of customers and enhancing their experience.

Truth #3: Strong Customer Care that is Easy to Maintain and Cost Effective

Yes, this is true. Effective solutions offered by Big V Telecom offer flexible experience, upgrade mobility and give the customer a 24/7 access. But businesses do not have to spend a fortune of this system. The virtual system reduces the need for staffing, technology improves services and the brand value of the business also enhances. The services are also customisable to fit the unique needs of the business. Thus, the reasonable rate fetch value for every penny invested.

Big V Telecom keeps in contact with their client helping them to make the best use of their solutions and advising all along the process. They work as partners in growth.