Brief Overview Of Big V Telecom Complaints Platform

Do you have a flair for business? Do you love keeping your customers happy? Do you believe that solving problems lies at the heart of making a venture grow?

If the answers are positive, then Complaints Handling System of Big V Telecom, powered by YOCC, flagship product of Big V Telecom, incubated by Tata Elxsi, might just be thing you’re looking for.

The offering, by Big V Telecom, can certainly be considered one of a kind. It focuses on cloud based telephony services, which help a business in streamlining its communication processes.

A few salient features that makes Big V Telecom’s YOCC a powerful complaint resolver:

  1. Just one number for all your customers: Gone are the days of keeping multiple numbers. With YOCC only one number will serve all your purposes, even complaints and reviews.
  2. Block unwanted callers: If you’re being bugged by unwanted calls, you can use the blacklist option.
  3. Enriched IVR option: Customers’ do not like waiting for agents to attend them. The IVR menu has some really unique and smart features which will not make calling the customer help desk a tedious job.
  4. One agent per issue: Customer always feels more at home if their issue is being attended by the same person. He should not undergo the hassle of explaining the same details over and over again. With Complaints system, it is now possible to ensure that customer issues are handled by the same agent till they are resolved.
  5. Better mobility to helpdesk agents/staff: Your employees need their peace of mind. They have their own personal lives to take care of. With the smart Call Routing Configuration, it is now possible for agents to be connected to the system while they’re on the move. A dual purpose is served.
  6. Data analytics: The last two decades where driven by the belief ‘Customer is God’. Today data has gained even more prominence. The system has a dashboard which will help you generate all sorts of analytics data. It can be used to draw conclusions and finding patterns of customer behaviour. These keen insights help in customer retention.
  7. Voice call monitoring: Being customer centric is at the heart of this product. It ensures no customer calls are missed. The calls are directly transferred to agents.

Big V Telecom Franchise Review – A business opportunity worth investment:

Offering a basket of innovative solutions, Big V Telecom promises a fulfilling business venture. Let’s have a look at the prominent features of obtaining a franchisee with Big V:

  1. Basket of fine products: Multiple products are in the offering within the cloud telephony field. You can choose as per your business needs.
  2. Innovation centric: All the products and services are built with innovation as Centre point. This leads to many new features being rolled out.
  3. Brand value: Big V Telecom is an established name in the telecom domain. We are proudly incubated by Tata Elxsi. We are a CRISIL rated company. We are also ISO certified. We have a healthy client list which is growing as the need for better servicing one’s customers keeps on growing.
  4. Hassle free franchise: No infrastructure is required. Our products do not require any in depth technical knowledge. The only thing that is a must is a drive and passion to excel in your business.
  5. Technical Training & Support: We offer hand held training and support for all of our products and services.
  6. Fast ROI: We speak by experience, the business model we offer, break-even point of investment can be reached very soon if aggressive marketing is done in the right way.

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